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We can provide Transfer with a comprehensive range of transfers, from airports, harbours , restaurantes and properties we offer first class cars and drivers , minibus, coach, even helicopter.

We can arrange on request for arrival and departure at Palma de Mallorca airport to our properties or a private transfer to restaurantes, etc. We will arrange a first class vehicle, with your private driver so you may enjoy the trip and views.

All requirements can be met.

Transfers can be booked online with your booking please ask for further information.

The team has a wealth of experience behind them not just in the travel sector but also online industry and this will help you put those final touches to your, well planned, holiday

Fleet : Mercedes Vito , Mercedes S Class, Mercedes A Class, Audi A6 and Limousine, Mercedes Sprinter, Beaulas Comfort Class Buses.

Our 2 village Taxis can also be arranged for pick ups and transfers on request.


We may offer a private chef@home who works only with products of the island . Trying to maintain an indigenous product where we can be sure of traceability, we own our private garden and also buy from a small organic farmer where we get all our vegetables, herbs and fruit, with the possibility of serving weekly baskets if guests are interested we also do craft beer and liquor Majorcan herbs.

We offer various options:

  • Arugula salad with grated parmesan and pear
  • Dorada with fine herbs, with wok vegetables
  • Mascarpone cream with berries
€ 35.00 per guest

  • Spoon salmon with honey mustard
  • Spoon tuna tataki with guacamole
  • Shot of vichyssoise
  • Shot of tomato soup and basil 
  • Iberian ham roll and anchovy
  • Monkfish with creamy lobster and soft wheat sauteed
  • Iberian pork with stewed pulpits
Torre cream and 
berries rhubarb flavored with mint
€ 45.00 per guest

  • Shrimp salad with orange Deya
  • Beef carpaccio with foie
  • Assorted pasta (tagliatelle with pesto, crab ravioli and gnocchi asafran cheese)
  • Fillet of beef with rosemary patato
  • Chocolate Coulanges
  • Lemon sorbet with champagne
€ 55.00 per guest

  • Paella or Barbecue
€ 25.00 per guest

A fun tasting and wine tasting to enjoy with friends or with family. Ideal for integration between guests to enjoy the senses. Learn to taste wines in the comfort of your home with fun quizzes / answers.

What is included?
  • Cata specialized Sommelier guided between 1.5 and 2 hours.
  • Explanation and tasting the (visual, olfactory and gustatory) wines.
  • Materials: Lounge, Games flavorings, snacks ..
  • Selecting, tasting and tasting of 4-7 wines rated Premium> 120 €

Prices for group minimum 6 persons.

€ 35.00 per guest

Not the same industrial beer a Premium Beer a Craft Beer. Can you tell them apart? Unlike its qualities, tastes and backgrounds. Some are made exclusively with wheat and barley malts of different toasted and very high quality and selected hops among the best producers. No additives are used as industrial sugar or glucose … ie only water, malt, hops and yeast. Beers are pure, you can cheer?

What’s in the tasting?
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Sommelier: specialty was in Beers
  • Selection and Beer Tasting 6-8
  • Materials: drinks, snacks, etc…

Prices for group minimum 6 persons.

€ 25.00 per guest

Entertaining and full of content which will taste 4-5 Gins, learn its history, origin and development, distinguishing flavors, aromas and sensations. 2-3 gintonics taste while having fun. Learn to develop a balanced Gintonic in Perfect Serve with fruit, spices and premium tonic.

What is included?
  • Sommelier specializes in developing and Gin Tonic.
  • Duration: between 2 and 2.5 hours.
  • Explanation and Gin tasting in stages (visual, olfactory and gustatory).
  • Materials: drinks, fruits, spices, etc..
  • Gin and Tonic Premium Selection> € 150

Prices for group minimum 6 persons.

€ 50.00 per guest

Luxury home spa treatments direct to your door…


spa @ home Mallorca is a professional mobile spa treatment service based in the beautiful mountain village of Deia in Mallorca, Spain. We offer spa treatments in the comfort of your home, holiday home or on-board your boat.


Please ask for further information



We use local companies that offer good quality rental cars . They have Class A B C D cars and also classical cars . These may be also arranged at the airport for your arrival or be delivered to your house after your arrival.


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