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Pablos off to Senegal with Dentistas sobre Ruedas / Dentists on Wheels !

posted by: Mya Waldren in News

Little by little we are overcoming all obstacles yesterday went to Morocco and after camping in the desert ate and rest, in the morning we crossed no man’s land to the Mauritanian border where again collide with bureaucracy and private minds of all light Messrs officials spend hours and still here locked, one does not realize how hard this all is, help human beings of their own land is not easy, difficult to draw strength when you the tear as usual, find that sunbeam that you return the strength not to drop everything and leave much effort is very complicated, I mourn with rage and impotence, I question the world and ourselves because I’m not sure we want from this life where we’re going to stop because increasingly this is going to hell.
The world is very rare and although many branded crazy by me halfway across the world to help those most in need, through hardship recognizing new bugs in my walk discovering the real soldiers that make this revolution, suffering and growing rapidly

Pablo Perez

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